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Profile (English)

Page history last edited by Arus Pelangi 7 years, 7 months ago

A Profile of Arus Pelangi



Arus Pelangi (“Rainbow Flow”) was formed in January 2006 in response to a desperate need in Indonesia for formal legal representation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Communities. This push for representation came from both individuals and LGBT organizations who called out for an organization that could represent and promote LGBT rights which have always been unrecognized.

The vision of the founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia has always been a pluralist, multi-cultural society where even sexual minorities should have their rightful place.



Vision and Mission

Arus Pelangi strives to affect the societal norms and perceptions towards the LGBT communities in such a way as to create a higher level of equality and respect for LGBT in Indonesia, and to increase an overall awareness of the rights of the LGBT communities as human beings and citizens.


Arus Pelangi’s primary focus is as follows:


  • To increase the awareness, effectiveness and overall strength of the LGBT communities.
  • To take an active role in the process of formal policy reform and protection of the LGBT communities.
  • To take a strong role in the socialization of LGBT issues towards the general public in order to eradicate all forms of discrimination against LGBT persons in the society.


Basic Principles

  • Independent: Arus Pelangi does not accept funding from the Indonesian government. This allows us to remain independent and unfettered to criticize discriminatory policies towards LGBT that are currently employed by the government.
  • Anti-Discrimination: Arus Pelangi wholy opposes discrimination of any sort that is faced by LGBT; whether based on sexual orientation, background, religion, race, social status, or political conviction.
  • Pro Gender Equality: Arus Pelangi holds sexual diversity in high esteem and values all variations of sexual orientation and gender role, especially those in the minority (LGBT).
  • Anti-Violence: Arus Pelangi wholy opposes the use of violence, either physical or psychological, towards members of the LGBT communities. This includes violence commited by the state or by individuals.
  • Pluralist: Arus Pelangi fights against the efforts of local fundamentalist and right-wing movements which discredit and criminalise LGBT in the name of religion.
  • Egalitarian: Arus Pelangi strives for political, legal, social, economic, and cultural equality for LGBT persons.
  • Impartial: Arus Pelangi is non-partisan and is not involved in political parties, economic enrichment, or government bureaucracy, but actively tries to influence political parties in the way they handle LGBT issues. Arus Pelangi is only partial to the LGBT communities it represents.



  • Campaigning: Arus Pelangi campaigns for LGBT issues, including issues affecting the basic rights and violations thereof of LGBT. Through the campaigning program, Arus Pelangi hopes to raise the awareness fo the public to the issues facing the LGBT communities and heighten the perception and general acceptance of LGBT within society. Additionally, Arus Pelangi advocates and lobbies with governmental institutions in order to increase the level of formal protection of LGBT through government policies and the law. The recently launched Yogyakarta Principles will become the pillar of our campaign themes.
  • Advocacy: Arus Pelangi is currently involved in two main streams of advocacy for LGBT: those related to legal representation and those related to public policy. For advocacy relating legal cases which emerge affecting the LGBT communities Arus Pelangi extends legal counseling and representation. In Indonesia where LGBT persons are largely unprotected by the law, this is strongly needed. Arus Pelangi also conducts legal campaigns for the amendment of several government and public policies which discriminate against LGBT.
  • Education: Arus Pelangi’s Education Program is focused on raising the public awareness of LGBT issues with the hopes of increasing the acceptance and opportunities for LGBT in the formal sector and everyday life. For the local LGBT communities Arus Pelangi provides private counseling through a hotline service, as well as group trainings such organization building and public advocacy.
  • Organizing: Arus Pelangi is actively organizing various LGBT groups/communities which have formed across Indonesia with the hopes of forming a federation which defends LGBT rights with strength and numbers.  This is upheld by Arus Pelangi’s official legal classification, that of Association, which allows us to expand through formal and informal membership, making partnerships easily facilitated. Another aspect of organizing is building networks. One of such efforts has resulted in the formation of the Indonesian LGBTIQ Forum; a network of 30+ local and national LGBT organizations. Arus Pelangi is taking up the position of national coordinator of the Forum.


Contact Details

Jakarta, Indonesia

E-mail: ap@aruspelangi.or.id



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